We provide actuarial advice to all Departments, agencies and public sector entities throughout the Australian public sector. We have also provided advice to State government entities and internationally.

Actuaries specialise in the management of financial risk, analysing past experience, assessing the current environment and modelling possible future outcomes. Possessing data analytic skills that cover mathematics, finance, statistics, demography and economics, actuaries examine the impact of uncertain events on populations, cash flows, assets and liabilities.

We can help you:

  • Understand the experience of your program by understanding your data and applying our data analytics capabilities.
  • Understand potential future outcomes, by building population and financial models that utilise actuarial, statistical and data analytical tools to support data driven decision making.

This analysis can help you to:

  • Identify, analyse and evaluate policy options for budget,
  • Inform population projections,
  • Assess long term financial liabilities and risks,
  • Quantify the potential costs of guarantees, and
  • Value obligations for financial reporting (including guarantees, leave liabilities, superannuation and other obligations).

We apply these skills in a wide range of areas across the public sector, providing impartial advice and analysis in a diverse range of technical and policy contexts. Recent areas of advice have included:

  • Priority Investment Approach & welfare systems,
  • Military superannuation, employee benefits (e.g. long service leave) and compensation arrangements,
  • Superannuation & Retirement incomes,
  • Medical indemnity insurance,
  • Life and general insurance,
  • Education funding and tuition protection,
  • Population studies (e.g. Australian Life Tables and other investigations) and demographic modelling,
  • Financial reporting, and the
  • NDIS

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