We are actuarial advisors working within Government for Government

The Australian Government Actuary is an independent self-funded body that provides consulting actuarial services and related policy advice to the Australian Government, its departments and agencies.

Our objective is to provide the highest quality actuarial services to Australian Government clients.

Our long experience in working with government agencies means we understand the Government's key programs, their actuarial experience and policy objectives.

Our team is led by the Australian Government Actuary, Mr Guy Thorburn, and his senior management team.

The office of the Australian Government Actuary sits within the Australian Treasury. As we are located in Canberra, we can maintain close contact with our clients. Our independence allows us to provide thorough and unbiased advice appropriate to client needs.

The Office of the Australian Government Actuary was established in 1924. Further information on the history of the Office is available in A Century of Australian Government Actuaries.