Australian Life Tables 2005-07

This publication presents the Australian Life Tables 2005‑07, which are based on the mortality of Australians over the three year period centred on the 2006 Census of Population and Housing.

This publication discusses the major features of the 2005‑07 Life Tables with particular reference to the previous Australian Life Tables. Mortality improvement factors have been calculated based on the improvements observed over the past 25 and 100 years. The impact of mortality improvement on life expectancies is explored in the context of these two scenarios.

This discussion is followed by the Tables themselves, together with the technical notes on their construction. The appendices include supporting information referred to in the text. 

Australian Life Tables 2005-07 - Males 39KB
Australian Life Tables 2005-07 - Females 40KB
Historical mortality rates - Males 52KB
Historical mortality rates - Females 49KB
Historical life expectancies - Males 33KB
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