Australian Life Tables 2015‑17

This report was released in November 2019 and is released every five years, based on three years’ information centred on each Census year.

This report has seen continued improvement in life expectancy and mortality. People are living longer, compared to what was reported previously. Life expectancy has improved dramatically since the life tables were first constructed in 1885. The ALT2015-17 determined that life expectancy at birth was 80.8 years and 84.8 years at birth in 2016 for males and females respectively. This means that life expectancy has increased by over 33 years since 1885! These tables help the Government, superannuation entities and insurers plan for what is needed in the future. The Australian Life tables are used to more accurately estimate future cash flows in a wide range of areas, including aged care, pensions, Medicare and superannuation. The tables also inform population projections, which in turn assist with infrastructure planning.

A summary of key elements (qx and life expectancies) from all life tables, since inception, is available for download [XLSX 135KB]

Hard copies of recent Australian Life Tables can be ordered online.


Tables: Excel Size
Australian Life Tables 2015‑17 - Males 38KB
Australian Life Tables 2015‑17 - Females 39KB
Historical mortality rates - Males 32KB
Historical mortality rates - Females 25KB
Historical life expectancies - Males 25KB
Historical life expectancies - Females 25KB
Improvement factors 15KB